About The Network

BSC LTN – Terms of Reference

The BSC Learning and Teaching Network (BSC LTN) is a collection of people within the criminology community who have an interest in the learning, teaching and assessment of criminology and criminal justice. This LTN is supported by a steering group to provide an opportunity to communicate, share, spread and develop new and exciting learning, teaching and assessment approaches within criminology.

The BSC LTN aims to:

• be a vehicle for initiating contact or keeping in touch with colleagues across the discipline with a specific learning and teaching interest
• provide an opportunity for staff to connect their ideas and aspirations and develop their learning and teaching practice collaboratively with colleagues
• develop the BSC website to include sections of interest to those members teaching within the discipline
• look for opportunities to embed good practice at module, course and programme levels
• share resources, literature, example of practice from elsewhere
• work together to take forward particular areas of interest or projects
• look for opportunities to secure research or consultancy income


BSC LTN steering group members will be expected to attend (typically) two meetings per year which will be called by the chair. Members are expected to actively engage with the aims of the LTN and the objectives set-out each year and to present/report on the work with which they have been involved. We realise that workloads are heavy, so flexibility is key when it comes to LTN involvement. Individual BSC members decide if and when they engage in LTN activities. This can result in various levels of involvement, including:
• attend meetings
• attend a workshop, seminar or conference related to work emanating from the LTN
• assist with seminar or workshop provision eg. hosting a LTN event, organising or running an event
• recommend materials on learning and teaching in your area
• provide resources like case studies
• take part in surveys
• disseminate information through the production of an occasional paper
• provide advice or collaborate on project work in conjunction with LTN themes

Current Steering Group

Chair – Kate Strudwick, University of Lincoln

Deputy Chair- Dr Suzanne Young, University of Leeds

Emeritus Co-Chair – Dr Liz Frondigoun, Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University

Term of office per member will be expected to be three years. Elections will be held on a regular basis for new members to the steering group.


We have a new email address for the LTN.  The Gmail account is bscltn@gmail.com

This is the contact point for new members to express interest and the first point of contact from the BSC webpage.

The Twitter feed @bsc_ltn. Please use this to publicise information or tweets about learning and teaching.


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